Privacy Policy –

We have built our good reputation through a commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information. Because safeguarding information privacy, online and off, is a top priority for you and

Every month we analyze where we have been and where I’m going in hopes of serving you better. It is our desire to bring the best All Natural Tobacco Wrap and accessories providing the greatest possible personal service in the world.

We take reasonable steps to:

Give web visitors clear notice of the information requested of them and of the purpose for which that information will be used;

Maintain accurate records, provide access to that information and, when that information has changed or may be inaccurate, provide a fair correction procedure; and

Implement safe and secure systems, physical and electronic, to safeguard personally identifiable information.

Notice, Choice, Access, Accuracy

When you order your service online from we capture certain data to process that request and to verify your identity to ensure that we are sending merchandise sales request t to the proper individual. This is for your protection and to help eliminate ID fraud and fraudulent orders. You also have the option of ordering your merchandise by mail or telephone. The decision to order your merchandise online (or by mail or telephone) is completely voluntary.

Specifically, the information we collect online for verification and processing includes:

First and last name (middle initial and suffix, as applicable); online from or phone call from internet:
Home telephone number;
E-mail address;
Current mailing address;
Credit card number and expiration date; and does not disclose (sell, rent or provide) the personally identifiable data you provide online to any third party for any marketing purposes, may also use the data including postal address and/or email address to send promotions for services.

To opt-out by regular U.S. mail, write to us, include your full name, and mailing address, phone number or phone us at :

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